Family Advent Resources

The season of Advent gives wonderful opportunity to resource families with faith-related rituals and traditions.   A favourite tradition is the Advent Wreath.  Each week of Advent a new candle is lit, with a final centre candle lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to symbolise the birth of Christ.  Download this Advent 2010 Home Wreath Guide to copy and distribute to families in your church and/or community.

Another less-common tradition is the Advent paper chain.  Christmas-related instructions are written or printed on paper slips, which are then pasted or stapled together to form a chain.  Each day a link is removed and the family follows the instructions.  Download your “Christmas Links” resource here.

Use of a Jesse Tree is also a rich family Advent tradition.  The Reformed Church in America has a great set of Jesse Tree resources on their website.  You can also learn more about the Jesse Tree tradition here.

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