Family Spiritual Goal-Setting

Many people make plans for their financial future but few approach their spiritual lives in the same way.  In Luke 14 we find that Jesus encourages us to think carefully about what it means to follow him and to plan our lives accordingly. 

Make time this week to talk about your household’s spiritual goals.  As a community of Jesus’ disciples, what would you like to (a) keep doing; (b) stop doing; (c) start doing; (d) do differently?  Set one or two goals for your spiritual life (e.g. “We would like to pray together more”, “We would like to serve others more”).  Brainstorm ideas for working towards this goal and decide on one or more action steps.  Print up your goal/s on a poster or large piece and paper and place in a prominent spot in your home.  Revisit your goal/s in the coming months.

One thought on “Family Spiritual Goal-Setting

  1. Thanks for this simple to follow post! We’ve been studying the book “How to Raise a Modern Day Joseph” in our Wednesday night Kids Club and this fits right in. I’ll be sharing it with parents for sure. I especially like the idea of hanging them in a prominent spot. Good reminder system!

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