Developing Stewardship in Children


Christian parenting involves teaching our children that all we have comes from God and that we are called to be good “stewards” of our possessions.  Growing children in stewardship involves teaching them about giving, saving and spending (in this order).

Giving:  The first thing a child should do when receiving money either as a gift, an allowance, or for any other reason, is set aside a portion of it for God’s work in the church and for care of his world.

Saving:  The next step in teaching stewardship is to encourage saving.  Saving money is a good way for a child to reach for a goal, instead of experiencing instant satisfaction.

Spending:  The remainder of money given or earned should be available for the child to spend as they like.  Children grow in making decisions as they are given the opportunity to do so, advised and guided by their parents.

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